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How is Platinum Lockz Hair different from others?

Platinum Lockz is different to other suppliers in many ways. We are a family owned company founded in Australian over 15 years ago. We have a large range of Remy Human Hair, that our founder has spent years perfecting to produce the best hair we can offer.

Platinum Lockz prides themselves on customer service and going above and beyond.

Why order form Platinum Lockz?

We supply a FREE colour matching service. We stock a vast variety of shades and lengths ranging from 20 inches to 26 inches and we send a FREE GIFT with every order.

Why get hair extensions?

Hair Extensions are the latest trend and are now one of the most popular methods for correcting thinning hair, short hair or just plain bad hair! They’re great for:

Hair Growth Issues; thin hair

New style; short hair, causing lack of confidence, bad haircut, wanting to temporarily fix hair length as natural hair grows back!

Volume; Boost in confidence with hair length, to look and feel better. Difficulty in managing your real hair due to texture or appearance.

Special Occasions; Weddings, graduations, special day, we can help you look your best.

Colour; Help to gain that colour you couldn’t quite achieve by using your own hair alone.

What is the difference between Russian & European Hair?

Our Remy European hair has begun as dark hair and has been coloured to the different shades available. The process is performed gently to maintain the integrity of the hair. Russian Hair from Its original colour has not been changed further than just a few shades, therefore, making it healthier hair & easier to maintain.

Will extensions damage my hair?

Providing they are applied and removed by a qualified hair extensionist and our aftercare instructions are followed to help maintain your hair, then they should not damage your hair.

Is Platinum Lockz Hair Remy?

All the hair that we stock is 100% Remy Human Hair.

What does Remy mean?

Remy means all the cuticles are aligned, so all the hair has been placed in the same direction. This means that you are always brushing in the direction of the cuticle. The hair is less likely to get tangled or matted and will last longer.

What does Double Drawn mean?

This means the majority of the shorter hairs have been removed and replaced with longer hairs, giving an overall thicker look.

Is Platinum Lockz Hair straight, curly, or wavy?

We have a wide range of options available, the vast majority is straight though until it is washed, then the hair will relax. We also stock curly and water wave hair (permed).

What lengths and how many colours are available in the Platinum lockz Range?

Here at Platinum lockz we stock lengths from 20 inches to 26 inches. We also have over 30 different colours available in stock. We can also do custom orders.

How many extensions do I receive in 1 pack of Tape extensions?

You will receive 40 single tape pieces, divided into 2 bundles of 20.

How many Nano/Utip extensions will I need?

This all depends on the look you require and the amount of volume and length you already

Highlights: 10-20 different shades of Hair Extensions placed will enhance any style.

Fine lifeless hair: just 20-30 strands will add instant volume and life in minutes, 50-75 pieces will create lots of volume and change the shape of the style, 100-120 pieces will add volume and

Medium hair: 50-80 strands are needed to create thickness and add

Thick hair: 80-140 strands are needed to create length and thickness

All of the above are rough estimates only and your extensionist/stylist will discuss your possible options.

Can I colour my extensions?

Yes. We recommend semi-permanent colour, but do not lighten, bleach or perm the extensions.

How can I care for my extensions in the best way?

Don’t use low-quality shampoo and conditioner that contain any protein or sulfate, or have a high alcohol content and only use Platinum Lockz Organics products on your extensions. Refer to the instructions on the back of your packaging. We also have a ‘how to care for your extensions’ instructions on our website for your convenience.

What Shampoo and Conditioner is best for our extension range?

Platinum Lockz has an amazing Organics range of products.

We have specifically formulated Extension Shampoo and Conditioner that when used in conjunction with our Organics Argan oil, it will help keep your extensions moisturized without damaging them. This will enable the extensions to last a lot longer.

Can I use Protein/Keratin on our extensions?

No, this will break down your hair extensions.

How long should I wait, after the extensions are in, to wash my hair?

It is recommended to wait 48 hours before washing or wetting your hair extensions.

Can I perm the extensions?

The hair extensions have been treated so it is advised not to perm as it could damage the cuticles.

How many grams are in 1 packet of tape hair?

100 grams

How many grams are in 1 packet of Nanotip hair?

100 grams.

How many grams are in 1 packet of Utip hair?

100 grams.

Can I re-use the hair?

Yes, all our hair can be reused.

How can I remove my extensions?

We stock Platinum Lockz Tape remover spray to remove your tape extensions without damaging them.

How can I retape the hair?

Remove all tape and residue off the tape ends, ensure they are washed, clean and dry before applying new tape tabs.

Do you sell the tape for retaping the hair?

Yes. Please see link

How do I place an Order?

Just phone us at Platinum Lockz HQ or order online easily at PH 0421762800

What Payment methods can I Use?

We accept all major credit cards(except American Express), Afterpay, Zippay and bank deposit.

Do you have post tracking?

Yes, we have tracking via Australia Post Or TOLL tracking. We also have overnight shipping available at a conveniently low price.

If I have a problem with my order, what should I do?

If there are any issues, please send us an email to us at

within 7 days of purchase. *Please refer to our Returns Policy for our terms and conditions.

How long should my extensions last?

Platinum Lockz extensions are made from the highest grade Remy hair, how long your product lasts will depend on how you treat your hair and what you wash them with.

There are so many factors that would affect the lifespan of your extensions such as, storage, daily wear, environment and product use.

General Recommendation:

-Clip In’s; 4-6 months for moderate use.

-Indi hair; 3 months

-European hair; 6 months

-Russian hair; 9-12 months

*Remember this is just a guideline for when your hair is maintained regularly with Platinum Lockz range of products only.

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